Solana Handmade is a slow made-to-order fashion brand.

Behind the brand, and behind the sewing machine making each and every order is me - Ann-Sophie. 

I'm 28 years old and I was living in Barcelona for the last years but recently moved to Australia. I am currently taking a little break from selling my made-to-order pieces to focus on designing new pieces and in the mean time I have decided to teach you how to sew and re-create your own Solana designs. I will continue launching new digital sewing patterns with follow along sewing tutorials on YouTube.

I believe we shouldn't have to choose between looking cute and wearing ethical produced fashion. We express ourselves so much by how we dress, so why still choose fast fashion that does so much more harm than it makes you feel good. 

To me it's so much more exciting drinking my coffee out of my favorite mug and knowing the story behind it, knowing who made it, remembering where I bought it. And the same goes for pretty much everything in life. I love knowing who made whatever I'm using/wearing. I believe it's such a beautiful feeling knowing who made it, knowing who put their heart and soul into creating this.

I would love to give that feeling to you, creating something that I've made - just for you. 

Made-to-oder is in my opinion the most sustainable way to produce garments and this also allows me to make adjustments to create the perfect piece of clothing for you.