accepting orders for Australia only - international shipping will follow in a few weeks


What's the meaning of the name Solana?

Some years ago I was in New Zealand and one morning I went to a cafe named Sola and from that moment on I decided if I would ever have a daughter I would name her Solana. The name reminds me of a beautiful time in my life, the sun and the chase of happiness. 

What does made-to-order mean?

Made-to-oder means that every piece of clothing will be produced as soon as you have placed your order. This allows me to make the garment exactly how you need it in order to fit you perfectly. 

Do you have a physical store somewhere? 

No. It is my absolute dream to have Solana Handmade in cute, little stores one day but for now you can only purchase online. If you live in Barcelona you can contact me via email or Instagram and you can come try some pieces on. 

How long does it take till me order gets shipped?

Between 2-3 weeks.

If you're going on holidays or have a special event coming up for which you need your Solana piece: contact me and I will work on your order asap.

Who is sewing all the pieces?

Every piece is made by our founder Ann-Sophie.